EGG TEMPERA PAINTING - ancient techniques for contemporary artists

Tutor - Carey Mortimer

Tutor - Carey Mortimer

7th - 11th October 2019 I  1st - 5th June 2020 I Carey Mortimer

price £350

Egg tempera is a simple and direct medium that can create luminous surfaces richer in colour and transparency than almost any other medium. The excellent condition of the paintings from the fourteenth century demonstrates the durability of this medium.

In egg tempera painting the egg yolk provides a natural emulsion (a stable mixture of oil and water) which when mixed with pigments and distilled water gives a fast drying and highly characteristic painting medium.

The course will start with a presentation on the history of the medium. Students will then be taught how to prepare two types of support, wooden panel and canvas, followed by instruction on the preparation and application of the gesso ground. Using natural pigments students will learn how to make the egg tempera paint. We will then explore painting surfaces and cover a full range of techniques from ancient to contemporary, including water gilding on to gesso and oil gilding onto the egg tempera surface.

A selection of books is available to the students showing examples of medieval, renaissance and contemporary egg tempera painting.

Travel and accommodation to be arranged by students.

" .... the egg tempera course was a wonderful opportunity to come to grips with this challenging but very beautiful medium. Carey was an encouraging and inspiring teacher who was able to explain, demonstrate and elucidate the various processes and techniques that are key to working with this luminous and uniquely beautiful medium. I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone, from complete beginner to art-professional, curious and interested in this beautiful ancient painting technique. Carey is a warm and creative individual and time spent working with her in her beautiful studio is a unique Sardinian experience."

Rachel Carmichael