Tutor - Carey Mortimer

              Tutor - Carey Mortimer

  |  Carey Mortimer

price £400

This course will appeal to artists who are fascinated by the colours and textures seen in ancient paintings and who are interested in using natural materials. The beauty of the natural pigments and the range of surfaces are an inspiration in themselves.

The course will cover a broad range of methods and techniques for both egg tempera and fresco painting. I will start by showing you how to prepare various supports, followed by instruction on the preparation and application of gesso and lime plaster. We will then cover the techniques used in buon fresco (painting onto wet plaster), stucco lucido (wax painting onto wet plaster), sgraffitto (white lime is scapped back to reveal coloured plaster), egg tempera and gilding onto fresco. We will explore painting surfaces and diverse ways of using these techniques from ancient to contemporary.

If students would like to develop their own paintings using these techniques whilst on the course I would suggest that they came for the full two weeks as during the first week we would only have time to cover the techniques and produce samples.

A selection of books is available to the students showing examples of ancient, medieval, Renaissance and contemporary painting.

Travel and accommodation to be arranged by students.