ADVANCED FRESCO PAINTING - ancient techniques for contemporary artists

              Tutor - Carey Mortimer

              Tutor - Carey Mortimer

  17th - 21st June 2019 I Carey Mortimer

price £400

This course is intended for people who have already attended the fresco course and would like to work on a larger fresco panel or work on techniques in more depth such as sgraffito, gilding on wax, and relief work in intonaco. 

A wide selection of books is available to the students showing examples of ancient, medieval, renaissance and contemporary painting.

Travel and accommodation to be arranged by students.


"...Carey’s course breathed life and contemporary relevance into the art of the fresco whilst imparting a great wealth of knowledge and sensitivity towards its more exacting techniques. "
"...Carey’s course is packed to the rafters with knowledge, thought, technique and inspiration. The week itself was incredibly fulfilling but perhaps more significantly, what followed was an ongoing appreciation of fresco and its’ production and a real desire to delve into art at a much richer more resonating level."